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NirSoft Prefetch View


Added Nirsoft's WinPrefetch View utility. This should be the first utility run, since subsequent commands can muddy the water of recently run programs. Notice that even the now.exe command runs after winprefetchview.exe is complete.
Utility is available at: This is also freely distributable per Nirsoft's license, so long as there is no charge and all files are included.
ECHO Reviewing Prefetch information as early as possible,
ECHO so that subsequent commands don't remove potentially valuable information
REM ECHO Running WinPrefetchView on the Prefetch directory.
winprefetchview.exe /shtml %LOGS%:\Livecap_%COMPUTERNAME%\winpf_view.html /sort "~Modified Time"
now.exe [Completed WinPrefetchView on the Prefetch directory.] > %LOGS%:\Livecap_%COMPUTERNAME%\MIR-ROR.log
Closed Mar 22, 2012 at 7:14 AM by RussMcRee
Update included in 2.0 stable release.